Explanation of the History of Kword Development

Over the last 25 years my wife and I have helped to settle 15 refugees from four different countries and three different exchange students from two different countries. In this experience we have dealt with four different languages. Teaching English as a second language has been challenging, rewarding, and sometimes humorous. In spite of our struggles we were able to communicate with each other fairly well. The biggest difficulty the students and the refugees expressed was the multiple spellings of the same sounds (phonemes) in the English language. For example, “a” like in the word sail can be spelled a, ai, ay or eigh, to name a few. This makes it very difficult for Learners to sound out, or decode the English language. As a reading teacher of learning-disabled students, I understood this problem and was able to offer some assistance. Kword was the result of my efforts to help the students learn English. I hope it will also help you.